Conditional settings, options and requirementsΒΆ

Remember, in your you have also access to the options of your dependencies, and you can use them to:

  • Add requirements dynamically
  • Change options values

The configure method is the right place to change values of options and settings.

Here is an example of what we could do in our configure method:

requires = "Poco/1.7.3@lasote/stable" # We will add OpenSSL dynamically "OpenSSL/1.0.2d@lasote/stable"

def configure(self):
    # We can control the options of our dependencies based on current options
    self.options["OpenSSL"].shared = self.options.shared

    # Maybe in windows we know that OpenSSL works better as shared (false)
    if self.settings.os == "Windows":
       self.options["OpenSSL"].shared = True

       # Or adjust any other available option
       self.options["Poco"].other_option = "foo"

def requirements(self):
    # Or add a new requirement!
    if self.options.testing:

See also

Check the section Reference/, config_options() to find out more.